So you’ve taken the big step in starting your own business!  Your promotional materials are in place.  Your supplies and samples are ready to go.  Your hair and makeup are on point!  You have your website, your social media, and your custom email account.  Now what?

How are your future hostesses and customers going to know that you are there to serve them?  How will your future prospects know that you are the sophisticated and savvy entrepreneur?  The answer is in your professional headshot!

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As a young man my father equipped me to handle most of the common aspects of vehicle maintenance.  I wasn’t allowed to drive until I knew how to change the oil, change the tires, and replace the brakes.  And for many years of my life I did those things.  For more than a decade now I have hired someone else to handle those tasks for me — not because I can’t do them, but because someone else can do it better and faster than I can.  The same is true for photography.  You may have a great camera or even a great cell phone.  But what kind of results do you get and how much effort does it take?  When I need my oil, tires, or brakes serviced I take my car to an oil, tire, or brakes specialist.  You should do the same when you need a professional image taken.  Think about it!

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An outdated online profile or company directory can send a mixed message to your potential clients.  People visit your website to gain familiarity with who you are and what service/product you provide.  If your online image isn’t a current and accurate representation of you then your image might be STANK!

Professional photo pitfalls that make your image STANK are:

  • Selfies
  • Tourist (unless you work at a theme park this is a no no)
  • Ancient (profile photos should be no more than one year old)
  • Non-related (once again, unless your profession is fishing this is a no no)
  • Kilroy-was-here (remember that old graffiti of a face with a long nose looking over a wall? So if your profile photo is an egg, briefcase, or silhouette then that is a no no)

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One of the greatest challenges in listing a property is the time needed to create an attractive package for your prospects.  As a real estate agent your main goals are:  1) showing sellers why you are their agent of choice, and 2) showing buyers why you are their agent of choice!  As soon as you have a home to be listed you should be spending your time and effort in showcasing your inventory to qualified buyers!

Let the experts at Fredshots Photography shoot the property, assemble the virtual tour, a downloadable flyer, and links to maps, schools, and YOU!  Click the link above for a sample of what you can have ready for show in less than 24 hours.

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When was the last time you gave your clients a fresh view of you, your service, your production, or your products?  The dynamics of your industry determines the pace that you must refresh your images and your willingness to be creative determines your impact.

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I can’t wait to see my dasherboard ad on the sidelines of the Texas Revolution football game!  This 4′ x 8′ banner will gain thousands of looks over the next few months as the teams scrimmage up and down the field.

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Without a doubt the emphasis on sports is a major facet of the DFW area.  From the smallest home team division champs all the way to the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys you are sure to find the individual and team pride.  Before the sparkle of the season gets away be sure to contact Fredshots Photography to capture your star players at a level worthy of their accomplishments!  (469) 718-9749

IMG_1518a_smallMeet Casey with Earth Inspired Crafts.  When it comes to unique gifts and cards you will be hard pressed to find someone as creative as Casey.  Thousands of people across the world express love and friendship through cards on a daily basis.  Sadly, most of those expressions end up forgotten in boxes or tossed into landfills.  Casey takes previously loved cards and creates new cards — each uniquely styled and rarely duplicated.  She always has a broad assortment on hand and is available to teach workshops on how to craft your own expressions.  When you are ready to show the world who you are be sure to contact Fredshots Photography to update your online profiles both personal and professional.  (496) 718-9749


Stop for a moment and consider how much you spend monthly on your cell phone bill. A family of four may spend upwards of $200 – $400 per month for a family share plan on any of the major carriers.

Stop for a moment and consider how much you will save if you aren’t paying that on a monthly basis.

Meet Ron Jones, an entrepreneur helping families to get out of debt by “busting up cell phone bills one contract at a time.”  Ron believes that debt is not good, and ongoing get is worse.  Give Ron a few minutes of your time and he can show you how you may keep substantial dollars in your bank account.

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Many businesses leverage specific seasons and dates to target their advertising. A few notable examples of target dates or seasons are Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and SuperBowl Sunday. One of the hottest trends on peoples’ minds is the Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment period which ends on February 15, 2015.

Gene Bailey with Health Markets challenged his team to get the word out to let people know that there is still time. The first thing the agents did was update their professional image with Fredshots Photography. They were looking for contemporary styling that communicated professionalism and focus.

This image combined with the pressing question of “Are You Ready?” makes for an attention grabbing campaign that is sure to capitalize on a diverse audience that has an expiration date.

What is your next season or target date? Does your current headshot or social networks image speak to your desired audience? Contact Fredshots Photography today to brainstorm some ideas to capture them!