One of our newest clients is Stewart Title located in McKinney, TX.  At Stewart Title they say, “When investing in a new home, a new site for your business, or any piece of property, you need to have peace of mind that the property is truly yours.”  At Fredshots Photography we share in this sentiment and it is a basic principle of our services — our headshot clients receive their full size digital image files at no additional charge and without usage or royalty fees!

So if you are ready to own that new home in the DFW area be sure to contact Stewart Title (  And if you are ready to own your updated and contemporary professional headshot be sure to contact Fredshots Photography! 469-422-8361


In this image you see the agony and anguish expressed through the poetry of the dancer’s body and face.  As a professional photographer I see this same expression from parents, spouses, and siblings when their camera misses the moment.

I encourage everyone to have a camera on hand at all times.  For some this means having the camera on your cell phone ready to go.  The greatest challenge with this is that cell phone cameras are notoriously slow and incapable of capturing those split second moments.  The other challenge with cell phone snappers is that those devices tend to get confused when there are bright lights or deep shadows.  Cell phones leave you with missed moments.

A second option is to purchase the gear, put in unlimited hours to practice and learn, and lug the gear to your events.  Most people only occasionally bring their digital SLR cameras when they feel it isn’t too much of a burden.  Having expensive camera gear is only part of the equation — you also need to have the almost unconscious sense of when, where, and how the scene will develop.  You have to be poised to capture the moment and be willing to keep the camera at your eye non-stop for hours at a time. The inconvenience of having to stay focused on your own camera gear can also leave you with missed moments.

This is why Fredshots Photography is here for you.  We have successfully captured events ranging from small soccer camps to professional football teams, small family owned businesses all the way up to multi-billion dollar corporations. We have a diverse history of performance photography from small theaters all the way up to internationally acclaimed pop stars and even the President.

When you have Fredshots Photography at your event you have the freedom to enjoy your family and friends.  And you have peace of mind knowing that we are here to capture the moment!

If you would like to see the rest of the images from the Royals Spring Recital at Independence High School and other recent events be sure to click here:

Spring time in the northeast Dallas area brings great weather, blossoming flowers, and the hottest real estate market.  Long before the school bells ring for the final time homes begin selling like hotcakes.  With the increased demand for properties comes an increased demand for real estate agents.

If you are an agent, or know someone who is, and you haven’t had your professional headshot updated within the last year then now is the time for you to take action.  When it comes to the local market sellers and buyers have a choice in where they want to live and whom they want to help them in the process.

Your professional image needs to have “curb appeal” similar to a home: is it clean, modern, and attractive?  Does your headshot show that you care enough to keep it contemporary?  Does your headshot tell others how much you care?

If not then now is the time to contact Fredshots Photography to get your image up to date! Contact us at (469) 422-8361.

So you’ve taken the big step in starting your own business!  Your promotional materials are in place.  Your supplies and samples are ready to go.  Your hair and makeup are on point!  You have your website, your social media, and your custom email account.  Now what?

How are your future hostesses and customers going to know that you are there to serve them?  How will your future prospects know that you are the sophisticated and savvy entrepreneur?  The answer is in your professional headshot!

When you are ready to look like a million without spending a million be sure to contact Fredshots Photography! Teams of 10 or more are eligible for substantial savings.  Call for details today! (469) 718-9749

As a young man my father equipped me to handle most of the common aspects of vehicle maintenance.  I wasn’t allowed to drive until I knew how to change the oil, change the tires, and replace the brakes.  And for many years of my life I did those things.  For more than a decade now I have hired someone else to handle those tasks for me — not because I can’t do them, but because someone else can do it better and faster than I can.  The same is true for photography.  You may have a great camera or even a great cell phone.  But what kind of results do you get and how much effort does it take?  When I need my oil, tires, or brakes serviced I take my car to an oil, tire, or brakes specialist.  You should do the same when you need a professional image taken.  Think about it!

When you are ready to have an expert handle your photography needs be sure to contact Fredshots Photography. (469) 718-9749

An outdated online profile or company directory can send a mixed message to your potential clients.  People visit your website to gain familiarity with who you are and what service/product you provide.  If your online image isn’t a current and accurate representation of you then your image might be STANK!

Professional photo pitfalls that make your image STANK are:

  • Selfies
  • Tourist (unless you work at a theme park this is a no no)
  • Ancient (profile photos should be no more than one year old)
  • Non-related (once again, unless your profession is fishing this is a no no)
  • Kilroy-was-here (remember that old graffiti of a face with a long nose looking over a wall? So if your profile photo is an egg, briefcase, or silhouette then that is a no no)

Contact Fredshots Photography today to update your image from the convenience of your home or office.  We bring the photo studio to you, our rates are very reasonable, and our service is unparalleled! (469) 718-9749

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One of the greatest challenges in listing a property is the time needed to create an attractive package for your prospects.  As a real estate agent your main goals are:  1) showing sellers why you are their agent of choice, and 2) showing buyers why you are their agent of choice!  As soon as you have a home to be listed you should be spending your time and effort in showcasing your inventory to qualified buyers!

Let the experts at Fredshots Photography shoot the property, assemble the virtual tour, a downloadable flyer, and links to maps, schools, and YOU!  Click the link above for a sample of what you can have ready for show in less than 24 hours.

Contact Fredshots Photography to get ahead of your competition today! (469) 718-9749



When was the last time you gave your clients a fresh view of you, your service, your production, or your products?  The dynamics of your industry determines the pace that you must refresh your images and your willingness to be creative determines your impact.

When you are ready to give your market a fresh perspective and set yourself above your competition be sure to contact Fredshots Photography! (469) 718-9749



I can’t wait to see my dasherboard ad on the sidelines of the Texas Revolution football game!  This 4′ x 8′ banner will gain thousands of looks over the next few months as the teams scrimmage up and down the field.

If your professional headshot doesn’t drive clients to your business then it is time to score some attention with Fredshots Photography! (469) 718-9749

Without a doubt the emphasis on sports is a major facet of the DFW area.  From the smallest home team division champs all the way to the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys you are sure to find the individual and team pride.  Before the sparkle of the season gets away be sure to contact Fredshots Photography to capture your star players at a level worthy of their accomplishments!  (469) 718-9749